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"Courage for Justice"


The ladies; Shobha, Shanti, Chandra, Guddi and more

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"Saahas": A Glance

Est. 26th May 2014



"Beti Padhaao"







2014 27 05

Juhuli Borders from Germany takes 3 days workshop

Juhuli X'ing Borders came all the way from Germany riding a bicycle. She was part of a German bicycle expedition group. During her three-day visit, she gave away theatre and acrobatics workshop for the kids & ladies of "Saahas".




"Hamara Saahas" means "Our Courage" in Hindi. "Saahas" denotes courage & it is the courage of a dedicated team of women that we are up and running. We are a "Society of the women, by the women, & for the women." We aspire to become a Foundation one day so that we can provide the source of funding for our own charitable purposes.



Who We Are?


We are a group of women professionals, housewives teamed up to uplift the social status of underprivileged women & children.



What We Do?


We provide short term vocational courses to women in sewing, embroidery & other handicraft items. We don't charge anything from them for this. In addition, we also provide assistance/coaching to their children for free so that with their mothers at work, their studies don't get affected.



Why us?


We are the only NGO in Rajasthan which is completely run by the women themselves. It is a registered society under the Rajasthan Societies Act, 1958 where all of our 21 members are women. Presided by a woman, we understand the needs of other women. We provide a friendly & safe environment for women and their children at our training centres. We act as a self help group for women. We call it our 'sisterhood'.

Kids with volunteer

Our recent activities


Jenny Backlin of Sweden volunteered from 16th Jan '15 to 10th Feb '15 and gave away lessons in designer clothing and fashion photography. More: Mina Indiska Systrar- Sisterhood In India